Automotive Service Protection

The service that was given to me for the repairs were great until I hit that clause in the contract that no one bothered to tell me about quote “In no case shall the total of all repairs paid or payable exceed the NADA LOAN VALVE or vehicle purchase price, whichever is less at time of repairs” The NADA LOAN VALVE is about $2200.00 less than what the Blue book is. It would of been nice if when they told me about this. My car has about 15000 miles left of the contract but they will not honor any repairs because they have paid out the amount of the NADA LOAN VALVE!!! Very Disappointed and Angry that a company has no problem taking your money with the intension of not fulfilling the contract. Because I have had a lot of problems with this car from almost the minute I got it. That’s why I had an extended warranty!!! Shame on ASC…VERY DISAPPOINTED in their policy!!!

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